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    The Nazi twins are not HEKs. Never were. Lynda on the AHA-Political Action listserv found an April ’05 interview with the mom:

    KAS: Now you home schooled Lynx and Lamb for a good part of their education so far, haven’t you?

    AG: Yes, I have. And I’ve done it without an “approved” curriculum. I made up my own curriculum. I refused to use the state curriculum that was authorized by the charter school. And I was able to get away with that for all those years — I guess I was just too staunch and argumentative about it for them to argue with me too much. And what I’ve done is use a lot of books from the 1950s — from the years before “civil rights” and feminism became so evident in a lot of the books.

    …Lamb and Lynx have now started going to school, after these seven years. And I’m very pleased to announce that they’re doing very well. They know enough about what I’ve taught them and our beliefs so that they are able to stand up for themselves – and for our people — in school, even in a multicultural situation.

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