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    Paul Chesser gets the Ludwig/Borden story exactly correct.

    Frankly, ABC News did the right thing by recognizing the significance that the two teens were homeschooled. This was out of character from what most Americans have come to expect from homeschooled children: that they are mostly intelligent, polite, respectful, well-behaved, quiet, and mind their own business. They are a threat to no one (except teachers’ unions).

    Sadly, Ludwig and Borden are two of our own. Atypical. But HEKs. And it’s not necessarily a slur when the MSM makes note of it. From the coverage I’ve seen, the homeschooling angle has not (yet) been pushed. As Chesser notes, if someone (CBS? ABJ?) does go overboard, then we can blast away. Until then, we can quietly grieve with the family and town. Thanks to Hal Young for the tip.

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    November 18th, 2005
    at 3:51 pm

    Do you know if the children had been in the public schools at one time. I went on her blog and it seemed like she might have been at one time. But I haven’t been able to tell at what time they brought her home or if she was always homeschooled.