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    Or is it 3 vowels and 2 consonants?

    The proposed [charter] school would integrate learning in both a community and independent environment, operating on a year-round alternative calendar blending classroom hours with independent learning and field trips. It would focus on the traditional fundamentals of education, as well as incorporating resourcefulness, responsibility, risk taking, and relationships into the curriculum to equip children with the necessary tools to succeed in a society with a broad world view, Kivirist said.

    She said the K-5 school also would blend elements of four other schools of educational thought:

    * Montessori, a discovery and sensory learning curriculum focusing on individual learning pace and peer-to-peer learning and teaching;

    * Enki Education, a multicultural, arts-integrated immersion program;

    * Charlotte Mason, a literature-based philosophy highlighted by short lessons, independent learning and time outdoors;

    * The United Nations International School, advocating human and equal rights, tolerance and acceptance, ethics and moral issues, and peaceful resolution.

    …”I think we should cautiously look at it and explore the idea,” [Superintendent] Jefson said. “It would have to be either financially neutral or beneficial to the district and academically sound. But financially there’s money out there for charter schools.”

    …Jefson said it’s the district’s responsibility to educate all children and the elementary charter school might be a way to bring kids back into the district who are homeschooled.

    “It could also bring in kids from the surrounding area, and the more students we have in our schools the more money there is to go around,” he said.

    Yep, IAATM. As an aside, I think this has to be the dumbest, least-focused charter proposal I’ve seen. Charlotte Mason and Montessori?

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