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    I never thought I’d write this, but Michael Smith has a WashTimes Op/Ed with which I agree 100 percent. It’s all about the 9th Circuit Court sex survey case (Fields v. Palmdale School District).

    These opinions show that when conflicts arise, the trend in the courts is to side with school officials rather than parents. This is not as far-fetched as it may seem. How could a school operate if every administrative detail was challenged successfully by parents? A school could not function in this type of environment.

    A better way to view public schools is to see them as a benefit provided by the state. Because the state is providing a benefit, it is able to set the rules. Of course, the result is that public schools inevitably act as parents.

    Judge Reinhardt was very clear, and parents across the nation should be aware that in the current legal climate, they are sacrificing almost all their parental authority when they send their children to public school.

    Worth a read.

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