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    24/7 CRADLE TO GRAVE Check out these two ledes from articles this week and tell me the educrats don’t want total control of our kids:

    Educators long have known that high-quality childcare pays off in better classroom performance and later on in better jobs. Now new research indicates it also pays off in actual dollars, an attractive carrot for taxpayers, according to a new report released by a Rutgers University think tank.

    There is growing evidence that good afterschool programming makes a difference in kids’ lives. Studies in child development and education suggest that attendance at afterschool is associated with better grades, peer relations, emotional adjustment, and conflict resolution skills. Children who attend programs also spend more time on learning opportunities and academic and enrichment activities than their peers.

    Coincidence? You make the call.

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    William Punnett
    June 3rd, 2004
    at 8:48 am

    Home School Youth and Summer Employment !

    As an entrepreneurship/real life business ownership experience advocate for fifteen years, I see a marked increase in the interest of Home Schoolers as users of Entrepreneurship learning and development as a tool to broaden their childrens interface with: community, society and most importantly, self reliance. Having assisted over 11,000 children in this arena with the start-up of micro businesses that have lasted from two months to four years, I can honestly state that this makes a difference in their ability to grow, and encounter life. The personal development results are astounding. Hopefully this understanding will continue to gain momentum and help those who can to help themselves.