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    Let’s “buy” a good review.

    We are looking for 10 bloggers here at HSB to blog a new e-book by Paul and Gena Suarez. It is a book of contributors sharing their secrets for successful homeschooling. The price of this e-Book will be $12.95. If you are interested in helping out or if you would like to purchase the e-book upfront, please email Crystal at BiblicalWomanhood@sbcglobal.net. If you can help us, then we will help you … We want to gift the e-Book to bloggers who will BLOG about it.

    I’ve received a few review copies here at HE&OS headquarters. Not once have I considered it a gift, nor have I felt a need to say “Thank you” to the publisher. Lame-o!

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    November 30th, 2005
    at 8:55 pm

    Maybe they should get together with Sara Jenkins to share book marketing tips.