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    AND THEY SAY I GO OVER THE TOP The lede from this weeks’ Center for the Study of Jobs & Education in Wisconsin And the United States screed is impressive in its over-the-toppedness.

    How can supposedly intelligent and educated people (many with advanced graduate degrees, including U.S. political and education leaders at the highest levels) be so dim-witted about the teaching of mathematics, science and standardized testing? They advocate senseless high stakes testing and elimination of social promotion based on standardized testing that is destroying poor children for no rational reasons. An intellectually challenged popular media gleefully perpetuates the war, without challenge, against public education by well-funded Machiavellian organizations and political and business leaders that erroneously use K-12 public education as a scapegoat for the social and economic problems of the United States.

    I am no fan of high-stakes testing as I feel there should be some input based on the kids’ actual classroom perfomance. That said, social promotion is just a bad idea. What purpose does it serve to promote children who can’t do the work? Is providing a false sense of security and self-esteem really helping them in the long run? Far better to work with those who are struggling to help them learn the material. Isn’t that what schools are supposed to do?

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