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    WRONG TARGET This article is about helping kids “bounce back.” There are all sorts of suggestions, from Boys Clubs/Girls Clubs to more parental involvement. All good ideas, I’m sure. Only one problem- the lede misses the big point:

    Phoenix was 5 when she climbed into the laundry chute and landed in a tangle of towels. She couldn’t wait to try it again. When she was 10 and her bike brakes failed, sending her halfway up an oak tree, she immediately strategized ways to get higher next time. But now that she’s in that self-concept nightmare called middle school, it takes her three days to rebound from one bad-hair day.

    So, how did a rambunctious 5-year-old turn into a young lady so overly concerned with her appearance? Surely, this was learned behavior- learned in school from her age peers. That’s a major problem with forced schooling. The kids are segregated by age and one stupid idea can get passed around until it’s treated as the gospel truth. Without the influence of older students (or, better yet, adults), the kids grow up like they’re living in “Lord of the Flies.”

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