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    GOOD ADVICE In a conference for parenting “gifted” students, we find this advice:

    “You’ve got to look at the child as whole,” she said. “The god of education says, `No child can go to the second grade without knowing how to skip and do a forward roll.’ ”

    Johnson encourages parents to give children responsibilities at home, saying it will help them at school while giving them strong self-esteem.

    And don’t dare let your child read in lieu of taking out the trash, she said.

    “They learn that if they don’t want to take out the trash, they go read,” she said. “Make them take out that trash. And don’t pay them for it. Part of that trash is theirs. Pay them an allowance, but don’t pay them to take out the trash.”

    As well, she said, parents need to be careful not to overbook their children in lessons.

    “We have so many gifted kids who are `hurry up and wait,’ ” she said. “They have too many irons in the fire … You might be able to afford all the lessons. But that doesn’t mean good parenting.”

    Johnson had other suggestions.

    Gifted kids, she said, are worriers, so give them an opportunity to get involved in a cause.

    “This gives them something to worry about that they can work on,” she said.

    Also, parents — namely mothers, she said — need to be sure they don’t “false rescue” their gifted kids by, for example, taking forgotten homework or an overdue library book to school.

    “It weakens children,” she said.

    All of these should apply equally to all children, “gifted” or not.

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