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    EQUAL TIME Frequent readers of this site know that I have spent a fair number of elctrons railing against know-nothing state legislators, which is why I want to grant equal time to a CA legislator who is on the ball.

    Rest assured, if you home school your child, you are not doing anything wrong. Home schooling is perfectly legal in California and has been for more than 100 years. Eastin’s assault was simply an attempt to force more kids into traditional public schools, which lose roughly $4,000 for every child who isn’t sitting inside a state sponsored classroom…

    If Eastin had focussed her eight years in office upon education fundamentals like reading, writing, math, and history, it seems likely she would not now feel the need to force students back into traditional settings. Instead, while test scores remain dismal, Eastin poured much of her energy into politically correct causes — diversity mandates, sensitivity training and promoting anything-goes tolerance.

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