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    THIS JUST ISN’T RIGHT Parents seeking to get their kids into one of NYC’s gifted and talented programs, are told to start preparing two years before their kids are ready to enroll.

    In a pinch, parents can turn to consultants like the folks at Smart City Kids, an organization primarily devoted to helping parents get their children into private schools but which also offers workshops ($195 for two and a half hours) geared toward the public schools’ gifted and talented programs. Free tip offered on the Web site: “The application process for some of the most selective public schools in New York City often begins a year before your child is scheduled to start school. Allow yourself this year’s time to do the research.” How many working-class parents can spend a year prenavigating the system?…

    The number of good schools and good programs is still tiny. As long as that’s the case, most parents who can do so will move mountains on behalf of their own children — mountains of cash for the Jack Grubmans, or of singlemindedness and savvy, with maybe a little bit of string-pulling, for many of us. But what about everyone else?

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