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Well, it’s really like the “sentence of the day.” Check out the last ‘graf:

Baccalaureate program is excellent education value

The International Baccalaureate program at Mount Pleasant High School is another example of the way in which public high schools are an excellent choice for students.

My daughter is a junior in this program and finds it challenging. She enjoys the acitivities along with the diverse population of the school. Having attended a small Catholic elementary school, she was ready for a bigger world. This program emphasizes critical thinking, writing and problem solving for a global work force and college preparation.

When we moved to the area 10 years ago. we too heard negative stories about the local public schools. We are glad we chose this public high school, which offers one of the most academically challenging programs.

I can work just part time and be home when the children leave school. We have more time and money for family activities by taking advantage of public school. If one is not afraid to trust their children in diverse and challenging situations, a great education value is available in Delaware.

Gale Pineault, Wilmington

Diverse and challenging? Euphemism for life threatening? A ringing endorsement for the g-schools.

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February 25th, 2006
at 6:23 am

Actually, the IB Program is a good program and if you’re going to send your kid to public high school, send them to this program (if they can get it in). It’s run semi-privately and is exempt from most of the crap regular public schools have to put up with, at least it was at my school, where I was in it. Because of this exemption (and the fact most of us gave little effort on state and school assessments, being that they were a waste of our time), there was a lot of resentment about the program, but it is still a good program.