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    You have to really admire the chutzpah displayed here. A couple months ago, the school district lost a vote for a huge tax increase.

    So, the inventive educrats have now overspent their budgets by some $13 million and are contemplating going back to the well to beg the voters to save them.

    The Christina School District must close a roughly $13 million budget gap — either through cuts or a bailout — between now and June 30. And district leaders are going to have to answer charges by the state auditor that some bookkeeping amounted to “a shell game.”

    …When Christina officials asked taxpayers for $22 million for a new middle school in 2002, they advertised to voters that they would use $1.3 million to buy land and the rest to build the school, Wagner said.

    But that’s not what Christina did with the money. The district instead spent $12.8 million on a property at U.S. 40 and Del. 896 with the intention of renovating the former AstroPower building on the property for use as a school.

    “Either they don’t have a clue what they’re doing, or they misled taxpayers at referendum,” Wagner said. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that to convert an office building into a middle school costs more than $10 million.”

    If I were living in the district, I’d consider voting for the increase on the condition that every educrat all the way down to elementary school vice principal was canned.

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