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    My reputation as a crank continues to grow:

    Some arbitrary rules can, and should, be broken

    I am really astonished (and saddened) that no letters to the editor have backed the position of the young lady who refused to wear a dress at her high school graduation. Why should she have been required to wear an outfit that she doesn’t like and would not choose on her own? The public schools are not the military. Several letters have pointed out that “Rules are rules.” Yes, but sometimes arbitrary rules can, and should, be broken.

    This young lady was not dressed inappropriately. She would not have detracted from the decorum of the occasion even a tiny bit. All she wanted to do was wear a pair of pants. Was that small difference really worthy of her being excluded from the graduation ceremony?

    Paraphrasing Emerson: “Whoso would be a woman, must be a nonconformist.” I applaud her stand and wish her continued success in living her life as an individual.

    Daryl Cobranchi

    UPDATE: My public school teacher neighbor just called to let me know she had seen the letter. She liked it. Hey, Mikey!

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    June 21st, 2006
    at 1:09 pm

    I think that she could have worn a nice pants outfit. I don’t think that it is that big of a deal. I did not attend my prom because they did not want to play any Rap and/or R&B music but they played a bunch of heavy metal!! What’s the DAMN difference? All of it gets on the elder generation’s nerves really. She did the right thing by standing up for what she believes in and she should not let society define what makes a woman. I myself loves sweats and a big T shirt whenever possible.

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    June 21st, 2006
    at 2:19 pm

    Cobranchi.com – Base site of the Home Educating Curmudgeon 🙂

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    CS in NV
    June 21st, 2006
    at 4:16 pm

    doesn’t one of those butt ugly medieval robes cover it anyway?