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    This one is really good:

    HOME-SCHOOLING Home-schoolers often top peers:

    I am writing in response to the letter criticizing home-schooling. As someone who has taught in our state’s junior college system for 14 years, I would like to challenge the author’s assumptions.

    As a teacher of history and geography, I am continually dismayed at students’ lack of basic knowledge in these areas. I can only assume most of our public schools have let these students down.

    I have also taught many students who were home-schooled before coming to college. Without fail, I am amazed at these students’ excellent grasp of knowledge in these subject areas.

    The letter writer said “to assume these (home-schooled) students are receiving the same quality of education is laughable.” I agree. In most cases, the home-schoolers far exceed their peers.

    Contrary to other assumptions, the home-schooled students are well-liked by their peers, are usually involved in campus activities and are the ones who can actually think for themselves.

    I know there are many fine teachers in the public school system. I have taught many fine students who have graduated from public schools. But if I were to have children myself, I would definitely choose home-schooling for them.

    Leigh Ann Courington


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