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    I guarantee that this writer learned everything she knows in the g-schools. The last ‘graf is a beaut:

    Charters are not answer to district’s poor performance

    We did not have any problems with the public education system until we moved to Delaware.

    After three months of dealing with the Christina School District, my husband and I have decided the best alternative to the idiosyncrasies that happen in the district is to place our two children in private school.

    From not allowing our children to go to the nearest school, to half-day kindergarten (which was a joke), to shipping them off to Wilmington for middle school, it is obvious why the district is having problems.

    It would be ridiculous to waste valuable lessons and resources, not to mention many years of hard work developing public schools, because the school board and new administration cannot let go of their salaries to fix budget issues.

    Instead of laying off teachers and reducing school-provided student services, the district should reduce the salaries of top officials, cut academic roles that do not have direct student contact, and spending that does not effect students.

    The public education system is maintained for the students and the betterment of society.

    We are not here to provide jobs for the administration, but to provide the free and appropriate public education that is guaranteed to all children by federal law.

    Sunnye Garza, Newark


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