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    What’s with the scare quotes?

    N.C. Wyeth was born in 1882 and became the inspiration for the family for the last three generations.

    He had five highly-talented children. All except one of them became painters like him. Andrew, one of his children, is now in his early 80s. He never attended formal school. He has been “home schooled” and allowed to exercise his extraordinary painting skills at his father’s feet.

    Andrew Wyeth has to be the oldest HEK in history. BTW, the author is an English prof.

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    One Response to “A NEW SPELLING?”

    Comment by
    sharon d.
    June 26th, 2006
    at 9:50 am

    I’m guessing the scare quotes are there to indicate that the phrase postdates the education. At that time I believe one would have been more likely to say “educated at home” or something of that sort. It would be similarly appropriate to use quotes to set off “home schooled” in describing, e.g., Robert Browning, or any other person educated primarily by parents rather than at a school or at home by private tutors, at a time when home schooling was not a social movement with that distinct name.