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    This article indicates that there is some some controversy surrounding whether YouTube “star” lonelygirl15 might not be 16 or home educated. I figure if any community can find out for sure, it’d be the folks who hang out here. How ’bout it? Does anyone recognize this girl?

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    July 23rd, 2006
    at 8:36 pm

    I have no idea. I generally only go to Youtube to look for something specific. I did go there and watch a couple of her videos because of this post, but the music sucked and it just wasn’t worth it.

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    July 24th, 2006
    at 6:34 pm

    I love you tube. Lovely place for some extremely creative individuals from all over the world. I liked the write up about that username. Reminds me when we carried around a tape recorder with an attached microphone so we could make “News shows” and mail them off to our cousins, who in turn would create a “News show” and mail it back to me and my brother. 🙂