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    It’s not what she thinks it is.

    Here is something I read in several places and it bothers me a LOT: Several blogging parents, all homeschoolers (and that’s a coincidence, I’m sure; I don’t mean to put down homeschoolers as a group. . . .) wrote that one reason they homeschooled their kids was that when they, themselves, were in school, they were forced to take courses they didn’t like, and that they knew (ahead of time) that they’d never use. THEIR kids would only be taught useful things that were enjoyable and approved of by the children themselves.

    What the heck? Who is the adult in these homes?

    …I’m sorry. These are bad teachers, and bad parents. To limit a child’s access to knowledge is a SIN. And to let a little kid dictate what will or will not be done in a household is to relinquish the reins as the adult authority figures. These houses are a joke.

    I should point out that she’s not anti-homeschooling. She just doesn’t quite understand how unschooling works. (Tip credit: Lori)

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    July 28th, 2006
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    I have been on a Comment Sabbatical since our cross-country move, but I just had to go over there and post in response to the misconceptions.

    Guess maybe I’m getting adjusted to my new environment enough to be a Cranky Commenter again.

    DH thinks I am unpacking boxes.