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    IT’S MONDAY and time for the latest comedy of errors from Dennis Redovich. His rant this week is entitled “Jobs & Education and the Big Scam in American Public Education,” but I’m hard-pressed to discern any difference between this and his other rants. Well, one small difference- he didn’t butcher any physics equations this week. There are a couple of juicy quotes, though. In the middle of a long section on why it is basically a waste of time to promote higher education for more students we get this:

    Increasing the number of college graduates is beneficial to society but will not create jobs, except significantly in education, which is very good because they are family living wage jobs.

    So, it’s good to send kids to college so that we need more professors. Then there’s this section which is in bold in the original:

    The major weapons used to label schools as “failing” to prepare students for jobs or for so called critically needed post secondary education are meaningless high stakes standardized tests for promotion and graduation that are destroying poor children for no good reasons. Money is too precious to waste on the education of the working poor and their children who cannot score at the immeasurable “proficient level” on the infallible tests prepared by the multimillion dollar testing industry. [emphasis added] Political leaders who strongly support useless education reforms and testing are well supported by the private sector business interests looking for a big share of the billions spent on education that could be privatized.

    I don’t understand the highlighted sentence and this is not the first time that Mr. Redovich has stated this. Either he is writing off a significant percentage of the US population as a “waste” of money or he is attempting to put words in the mouths of his opponents. As I am 100% sure that no education reformer has ever said that “[m]oney is too precious to waste on the education of the working poor and their children,” I am at a loss. If this is a straw man, it has to be the flimsiest one I’ve ever seen.

    Well, Redovich rants on for a while longer and promises another installment for next Monday- same bat time, same bat channel.

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