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    From the Sioux City Journal:

    25 years ago:

    HOME-SCHOOLED IN WEST POINT: The law is catching up with Virgil Long, Christian. He’s been breaking the law for his religion for nearly two years. His court appearance in West Point, Neb., was postponed. Whether he’ll have another one depends in part on the Nebraska Legislature. Long feels “we had a mandate from God. The kids weren’t getting the kind of education in school God would want.” So, Long pulled his children out of the public school and is educating them at home under the Accelerated Christian Education program. Seven of the eight children are school aged. West Point Public School considers the Long children truant since September 1979. As a sign on the front door of the Long home says, “Jesus First.” And, in this case, the public school system is quite a bit further down the list.

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