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    MORONS Yes- it’s now time for Daryl to go over the top once again. Michael Peach has posted some comments by public school teachers aimed at homeschooling, in general, and at him and his blog, in particular.

    How can anyone get away with not educating their children and brag about it on the net?

    This site is a real hoot. i really hope they keep posting, it is real comedy. The level of parody is beyond reproach. the site, as far as i can tell, is a parody of the ‘PC’ home tuition lot.

    I had a terrible irreverent thought: these parents would be a nightmare, so thank God we don’t have to deal with them.

    Thanks for directing me to this site. It does almost read like a parody. I live in an area which is awash with home educators. The current crop have kids who we can be grateful aren’t in the schools. Foul mouthed, “dyslexic”, arrogant and precious. A lucky escape.

    This stuff is great. home education! whatever will the government think of next to ease classroom overcrowding? Well done Tony!

    And I thought our educrats were bad.

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