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    HUH? The homeschooling brainwashing apparently didn’t “take” for this kid.

    Scott Stallard, 11, of Grand Island hopes to raise $3,000 as a home-school project to pay for school curriculum and supplies for an elementary school in Uganda run by missionaries with the Word of Life organization. He reports he has raised $675 so far with the help of sister Brittany, brother Phyllip and friends by selling doughnuts and candy bars door-to-door and he currently is looking for a place to hold a basket auction to raise more money. He can be contacted at 30 Havenwood Lane, Grand Island, NY 14072. (His sister held a carnival last summer to benefit Cornerstone Manor.) He writes: “You know all of us kids in America will probably get lots of things for Christmas this year, but I think that the kids in Africa will like the chance to go to school more than any toys we get. We sure are lucky to live in America, because school is free.” [emphasis added]

    Just kidding.

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    March 17th, 2004
    at 11:39 am

    Yesterday, I met an young lady of about fourteen doing volunteer work. She was as pleasant, intelligent and as articulate as anyone could imagine. But, later I felt a little bit bothered.

    As this lady conversed she interjected the “will of God”, or such as into any statement that reflected a decision on her part, either in the past or in the future. Another point was she acknowledged she had other friends, but that her friendship with her Mother was far more important than any other relationship. She said that she would be home schooled through high school, but that in college she wanted to enroll in a nearby Christian School so as to broaden her outlook.

    It seems to me that the homeschooler that I have come into contact with are there on their parents wishes, they are secluded from TV, computers and any child that does not conform to the same standards as the homeschooling Mother. These Moms appear to be diligent in their schooling, but this is secondary to much to strong religious guidance and seclusion of the child from the outside world.

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