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    More he said/she said journalism:

    Home schooling is certainly not for everyone and there are many disadvantages to consider as well. Children who obtain a home schooled education cannot receive a high school diploma unless their program of study is affiliated with an accredited organization that reviews and rates the practices and curriculum. Students are, however, able to receive a GED.

    The role of the parent must receive just as much reflection as the needs of the child when considering this type of education. Parents must be whole heartedly devoted to the demands of the program. Home schooling requires a huge commitment and endless patience. The most successful children are those with parents that are motivated, able to see a task through completion, and enjoy spending enormous amounts of time with their child.

    Home schooling programs vary greatly regarding expense and the involvement of the parents ranging from purchasing a kit curriculum and submitting all work for grading and record keeping by a third party to complete control over all aspects.

    More like he whispered/she shouted.

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