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  • A TWO-FER Buy one

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    A TWO-FER Buy one lunacy, get the second free. Both these appeared in the same “Independent” (UK) article: First, a school district has banned parents from taking photos of their kids’ school play becasue pedophiles might obtain the images. Then, as a throwaway comment at the end, we find this outrage:

    The Red Cross yesterday defended its decision to stop its charity shops displaying Christmas trees and Nativity scenes because they could offend non-Christians, particularly Muslims.

    There’s a reason it’s called the Red CROSS. In Muslim countries, the organization is known as the Red Crescent. Christians, Jews, and Moslems all recognize the Old Testament as scripture. You know, the one that includes “You shall have no other god before me.” (Exodus 20:3, NIV) So, when did we start bowing down and praying to the god, “Political Correctness?”

    I’m sure Moslems laugh at this peculiarly Western disease; they haven’t re-named any Red Crescent stores, right?

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