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Another homeschooling family sells out.

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Comment by
Andrea R. in Missouri
October 19th, 2006
at 7:56 pm

$50,000.00? I would sell out for that.

But since the “other” woman gets to decide how to spend it I probably wouldn’t be able to put it all towards paying down the mortgage.

Comment by
October 19th, 2006
at 8:00 pm

I got the impression that “decides” was an overstatement. I think the other mom gets to make recommendations in the letter…

Comment by
Tammy Takahashi
October 19th, 2006
at 8:19 pm

My family and I were discussing this show and even they said that these shows are unfair to homeschoolers. I don’t watch this kind of stuff.

If, however, 30 Days decided to do a thing on homeschooling, where they asked a die-hard all-kids-should-be-in-public-school advocate to hang out with us for 30 days, that I’d watch. Heck, I’d even consider being the family for that show. (My husband would nix that idea right away though.) That’s an awesome show. And portrays the good and bad, without the need to sensationalize.