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    WWHS AD NAUSEUM Steven Gallaher found this one which will find a prominent place in the file of reasons to keep our kids away from the public schools: A middle school band teacher is facing misdemeanor charges for placing his belt around a boy’s neck and tightening it:

    Turrubiate said her 13-year-old son entered a band classroom that was filled beyond capacity because two classes were combined. She said Dickey told her son to sit down, and that Jesse responded that there were no available seats.

    Turrubiate was told that the request was repeated and that her son again said he could not comply, accompanied by a contemptuous facial expression.

    “Mr. Dickey had his belt in his hand, so when my son didn’t sit down, he put the belt around my son’s neck,” said Turrubiate. “He left marks from one side to the other.”

    The school requested that the mother not press charges. Wisely, she refused noting, “If it was the other way around — if my son had done that to him — they would have had him in juvenile hall that day. That’s what makes me really mad.”

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