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    And speaking of recycled news, this hed has been written forever and is just pulled out of the drawer annually.

    Tuition Outpaces Inflation

    Down here in NC, the state has just announced that they’re going to hold tuition increases to a mere 6.5% per year for the next four years. And this in a state that actually has in its constitution that public colleges are to be “free to the extent practicable.”

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    October 25th, 2006
    at 2:54 am

    When I first took a college class, I was 16. The tuition rate at Ohio State was $125/credit hour for the most expensive students (brand new ones — the longer you stick around, the longer you get to wait before a tuition hike takes effect for you.) Columbus State, the nearest community college, was $70/credit hour for everyone. When I was a sophomore, the Ohio Board of Regents declared a temporary lifting of the 6% annual tuition increase limit, due a drop in state funding.

    I’m taking a single 5 credit hour course at OSU today, 9 years after my first class — not counting just shy of $200 in mandatory fees, that course costs $199 per credit hour. And, because I took my first course in 1997, I get a break — the newest students are paying $221/credit hour. We’ll be at a full 100% increase after 10 years, from my first course, if all goes according to published schedules. Meanwhile, my younger sister (17) is taking a single course at Columbus State. Her tuition? $79 per credit hour. And housing fees have almost doubled, along with the miscellaneous fees (I’m paying $78 for our half-built sports facilities, which are hopelessly impractical for a commuter to use.) Her 5 credit hour class gets her 9 hours a week of class time (it’s an art class) and I get 4.5 (for Russian.) And the university has seen enrollment increase overall, from just over 50,000 undergrads in 1997 to 51,630 this quarter — and their graduate students, even the ones with appointments, pay tuition and fees (they have posters all over campus arguing for a fee waiver.)

    I’m paying OSU about $35 per hour for my Russian class. I strongly suspect my kids will be encouraged to find alternative forms of education, when the time comes.

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    October 25th, 2006
    at 6:48 am

    I’d encourage any HE family with (college bound) high school age kids to look into whether their state has dual enrollment with the local community colleges. He, the tuition for high-schoolers taking college course is $15. Not per credit hour. For the whole course. They still hit you up with fees, but it appears that the courses run ~$200 per semester with books and fees included.

    Down here it seems most of the HEKs are starting college at the sophomore level or better.