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    I’m willing to bet that this text is wrong.

    Legion holds contest

    CARLSBAD — Students who are in high school and are planning on attending college can enter in the American Legion National School Oratorical Contest. Contestants must be in grades nine through 12 and be currently enrolled in a public, parochial, military or state accredited home school. Contests start at the local level and proceed to the national level in April of 2007. For more information contact Jim Damon at 887-5957.

    Hey, Scott, wanna go double or nothing? Beware, though, I’m on a roll. 🙂

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    November 14th, 2006
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    Daryl said: “I’m willing to bet that this text is wrong.”


    According to the New Mexico DOE, parents who wish to home educate are required to submit annually a form in a process the DOE variously refers to as “notification,” “application,” or “registration.”

    According to Merriam-Webster, the basic meaning of “accredit” is “to give official authorization to or approval of.” If what the NM DOE reports on its website is correct (I haven’t read the statue(s) for myself, but I would be shocked, shocked!, I tell you, to find misinformation contained within a DOE website) it would seem that NM residents don’t have “official authorization or approval” to refrain from institutionalizing their children unless they have submitted a notification/application/registration form. In New Mexico, therefore, a registered family could well be said to be an “accredited home school.”


    See also the full wording of the contest eligibility requirements.