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    Not the movie– the real camp.

    The owners of the Kids on Fire camp have shut it down for at least several years. Vandalism and negative publicity from the film both seem to have played a role in the decision.

    The camp “director” Becky Fischer is either a liar or clueless.

    The documentary spotlights Kids on Fire, a charismatic summer camp where evangelical children are recruited to “God’s army.” The children who attend the camp are shown shaking and sobbing over abortion and praying over a cardboard cutout of President Bush.


    The movie takes a political angle and attempts to show a revival in which evangelical Christians encourage youth to take leadership roles in advocating the causes of the movement, such as abortion.

    “When [the movie] took the political twist, no one was more shocked than I was, because what we were doing wasn’t political,” Fischer said. “To me, it was good Christianity.”

    Yeah– It’s hard to see how the filmmakers could have spun that into the political arena.

    I still plan to watch the movie when it comes out on DVD (since I never was able to cadge a screener).

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