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    I don’t really have anything against homeschoolers organizing “proms,” but this quote is nauseating:

    Prom season is months away for most teenagers, but members of the Forest Acres Christian Educators group seemed oblivious to the timing of their first formal.

    For the students, it ended months of planning for a formal dance they wondered if they would ever experience.

    For their parents, it marked one more victory in the endeavor to provide an education for their children — on their terms.

    Is a formal dance really a crucial part of a high school education?

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    Christine G
    November 19th, 2006
    at 10:52 am

    “Her romanticized image of formal dances was tarnished. “I was hoping they’d have dances like the waltz or swing dancing,” she said.”

    I couldn’t finish reading it – it sounds like homeschoolers are basically out of touch with the rest of the planet. No wonder people make fun of homeschoolers.

    And besides, as a high school senior, what are you supposed to do with your family that accompanied you to prom (how cutsie!) when you go to the drunken wild parties afterward??

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    November 19th, 2006
    at 10:11 pm

    The drunken wild parties were far m ore fun than the prom.

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    November 24th, 2006
    at 11:18 am

    This surprises me coming from a Christian group in the first place. As much as many Christian groups claim to be concerned about their kids’ innocence and purity it looks like they’d know that the origin of the “promenade” was an event for the young girls to parade around in front of the guys so they could have their pick, so to speak. It wasn’t all about the dance. It was about ‘hooking up’.

    I feel the same about these events as I do homeschool cheerleading squads and such. Christian groups maintain that they want to do what the rest of the world does but within a “Christian” atmosphere. How can shaking your booty in front of a football team to pump up the testosterone so players run faster and tackle harder be done in a “Christian” atmosphere???