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Fucking NCHE is proposing that we cooperate with DNPE’s extra-legal “requests” for meetings (including, presumably, at the local police station).

Hal, your org just plain sucks.

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November 29th, 2006
at 7:27 am

What are they *thinking*? See your curriculum? Mine isn’t something you can *see*, it’s something we *do*, it’s a philosophy, a library card, a field trip budget, a group of like-minded friends, a monthly roller-skating day, a daily family dinner.

See the kids? Along with their test scores? Nothing to fear? What if they didn’t like my kids? What if they start asking them things? What if my kids confirmed a stereotype or two, instead of busting them? Why on earth would anyone take that risk? How could they not label homeschoolers, in their minds, as “good homeschoolers” and “bad homeschoolers”? Because that’s what this exercise is *for*, right? To separate good from bad? And do ya think perceived social class might influence that label? And what kind of new regulations might come from that process?

DPNE is asking for the opportunity to make snap judgements about homeschoolers – and NCHE is suggesting you’all participate?

Glad I don’t live there. I’ll take my “high regulation” state over yours any day.

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Nance Confer
November 29th, 2006
at 8:16 am

The FNCHE? It sounds like that fits!


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November 29th, 2006
at 1:29 pm

This is just the most disappointing thing to me. I was sincerely hoping that what we had seen the last couple of months with NCHE FINALLY standing up to DNPE was the beginning of a turn-around for NCHE. I can’t think of a more wimpy stance for a fellow like Ernie to take. Especially since he was there in the early days.

It sounds like to me that it is high time for some folks involved in NCHE to make a decision. I have heard from some of them who say they are indeed ready for the turn-around. When the pres. of the organization puts out this kind of statement then I would wonder what keeps folks who don’t agree hanging around and giving their money to this idiocy.

Talk about flip-flop. First they are saying don’t go to the meetings. Now they are saying go. Is Ernie acting on his own here? Isn’t there some sort of majority ruling that would have to be made for NCHE to make this kind of announcement? NCHE has been putting out on all the loops the opinion of it is better not to attend the meetings. What the heck is going on with those people?

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Daryl Cobranchi
November 29th, 2006
at 1:34 pm

I posted this on HSWatch this a.m. in response to a question about NCHE’s position:

I’m seriously considering trying to start a new statewide group whose mission it would be to advocate to maintain and eventually to increase homeschooling freedoms and to push back whenever DNPE goes beyond their legal mandates. I can guarantee that I would not counsel complying with these meetings.

If I do it, it would definitely be completely neutral on religion (NCHE is a Christian group). IMO, if a statewide group is purporting to represent all homeschoolers in the state it should be scrupulously secular.