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    I feel sorry for this guy’s kids:

    Parents should monitor and test their children

    There are more drugs in our schools than ever before. Drugs are more affordable, accessible and accepted. As parents, we are responsible to censor our children. When parents do not monitor their children, it becomes the responsibility of schools and the community. Do not make the assumption that only kids with “nothing to do after school” are the ones doing drugs.

    There are no boundaries for drug use. All teenage social groups include kids who experiment with drugs. If you have kids, talk to them. I asked a teenager when he used drugs for the first time. He answered that he first smoked marijuana with his parents when he was 12.

    Do your kids think drug use is acceptable? Drug use is illegal. It can be stopped through accountability and drug testing. As parents, we have the responsibility.

    Do you know where your child is and what he is doing? Do you know if your child uses drugs? Have you asked? If you’re not sure, test them. Get a hair test instead of a urine test. Drugs stay in the hair up to six months.

    I have told my own children that I will test them if I suspect drug use.

    We must be accountable and hold our children accountable. When parents do this, maybe we won’t need drug testing in the future. But until that happens, if drug testing stops kids from using drugs, then drug testing has my full support.

    John D. Hansen

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    December 16th, 2006
    at 10:42 am

    “All teenage social groups include kids who experiment with drugs” just shows that he has absolutely no expectation that his kids could be drug free.

    I can guarantee that no member of my “teenage social group” experimented with drugs. Heck, we didn’t even drink caffeine!

    Of course, I am an ancient 33, so you know–kids these days.

    I’ve found that people generally live up to expectations. John D. Hansen expects his kids to be dong drugs, so I suspect that they will.