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    They sound pretty wack to me.

    One of the parents, Waldemar Block, told CBN News: “In public school, the occult is in all subjects be it maths, language or science. It gets ingrained into their beings.”

    Yeah, I’m sure that the German schools are teaching the Hellac version of algebra. If a demon left Hell at 75 kilometers per hour and harvested 12 souls per kilometer, how many years would it take for Dis to be the largest city on (or under) the Earth?


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    Cavalor Epthith, Esquire
    December 23rd, 2006
    at 10:03 am


    The answer my research staff, without the help of Pain is 118 272 000 souls per Hellac year at a cruising speed of 75 Km/h. For you corporeals up there that works out, I am told, to 342 032 souls per Terran circuit around Sol. This would be good work for a singular demon with the appropriate union coffee breaks et cetera, dental medical and farrier costs. Hoof care costs are controlled of course by our Imperial Medicine Provison System (IMPS).

    Wack is exactly what this nonsense is.

    Now more on my side of the aisle. The link to the Brunei Darusalaam Time is dead. Here is the original from 11/16/2006 off the CBN Website.
    Waldemar Block Nov 16, 2006.