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    From Mississippi. I hope that the last graf lost something in translation:

    No more home-school regulations needed

    I am a strong proponent of home-school education. All three of my children are home-school students.

    I know many families who have taken this option to educate their children. Several of them are military and have home-schooled in several states. By far they find Mississippi’s current laws the best.

    State Superintendent of Education Hank Bounds insinuates in an article that he believes the majority of home-school parents are doing a good job teaching their children (“Home-school quandary: ” ‘Free rein’ concerns state ed chief,” Dec. 13). If so, then why create more regulations? Laws and regulations are for the majority of people to follow. And if most of the people are apparently already doing what they are supposed to, we need no new regulation.

    If Mr. Bounds needs a tool to move those doing nothing into doing something, then work that on a case-by-case basis. Don’t pound me and others because of the actions of someone we do not even know.

    The job of education of children belongs to the parents. Parents must take this role seriously and allow the state to assist if they so choose. If they choose to not involve the state, then the state must recognize this.

    Should the state department of education decide that it is smarter than the parents in seeing that the children are educated to its liking, I hope our Legislature will see that it is the most minimal intrusion into the majority of families’ daily lives.

    Frankie Springer


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