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    The Chicago Sun-Times has a very nice piece on unschooling. It’s all anecdotal but almost entirely positive. Almost.

    Home-schooling researcher Michael Apple, an education professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is “wary of the hype.” He wonders what unschoolers are really learning about people of other races, religions and cultures.

    “There is no public accountability,” Apple said.

    I guess the g-schools are replacing the 3Rs with 2Rs and a C.

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    December 24th, 2006
    at 10:44 am

    C’mon! You totally skipped the part where he says the kids could just sit around all day eating candy bars. Not to worry. I took that quote as far as I could in my post. But yeah , it was pretty positive overall eh?

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    December 25th, 2006
    at 10:36 pm

    My favorite bit is in the photo caption:

    “She entered a branch of home schooling five years ago.”

    Branch of homeschooling.


    Puts me in mind of “League of Women Voters Report on Life in Harlem,” c. 1940.

    (Say….Terminology-wise, what’s the school vs non-school version of “Hip White Folks Tellin’ It Like It IS about Black AmERica”? I mean, seriously. There’s true humor potential here, for the right stand-up comedian.)

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    December 29th, 2006
    at 9:46 am

    Good golly. The unschooling groups we’ve been in have been far more diverse than the schools my children would have attended.