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A friend asked for “No” votes on the poll concerning “Do you think that more U.S. troops in Iraq can help stabilize the situation there?” (The poll is at the bottom of the right sidebar.)

I read the Robesonian occasionally. It makes World Nut Daily look positively Left Wing.

3 Responses to “OT: FREEP THIS POLL”

Comment by
Alex Haas
January 12th, 2007
at 12:36 pm

I voted yes. It certainly won’t immediately stabilize the region, but it’ll do more than removing troops or not changing the number at all.

Comment by
January 12th, 2007
at 12:50 pm

It’s not really a fair question. 20,000 more troops probably will do little to help. 200,000 would make a big difference. Of course, we don’t have 200,000…

About that site, 1998 called – it wants it’s design template back.

Comment by
Daryl Cobranchi
January 12th, 2007
at 12:58 pm

Truth be told– we don’t even have 20,000. A large portion of the escalation surge are troops whose tours are being extended.