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    The financial advice in Money Magazine is worth slightly less than what you’ll pay for it. I think every one of his assumptions and calculations are just whack.

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    January 12th, 2007
    at 2:04 pm

    Saving $180K by reducing the cost of your car by 9K implies 20 new car purchases prior to retirement? Of course, if you really want to save on cars buy used. Over a 40 year career that is a new car every other year. Yeah, that’s the path to early retirement…for the car dealership!

    This one I have no idea about.

    Cut vacation spending by $1,000 a year: $122,000

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    January 12th, 2007
    at 2:31 pm

    So he’s taking vacations for over a century, but they’re really inexpensive ones– European vacations for $2500.

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    Tim Haas
    January 13th, 2007
    at 10:19 am

    You guys are forgetting accumulated interest. Assumption is that you take the money you save on each of these intermittent purchases and immediately invest it.