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    SELF-DEFENSE DAY Here’s a homeschooling story that ties into the bullying post from this morning. This talented young lady (who expects to sign a record deal by spring) was being picked-on at her Middle School. Her solution- homeschooling and boxing lessons.

    She had some trouble last year at Roxboro Road Middle School. So this year, in eighth grade, she’s being home-schooled by her mother. Getting picked on, she says, also prompted her to learn how to defend herself.

    “Home schooling and boxing lessons,” Bayje says. “It’s sad it had to come to this.”

    Last year, she says, she received “C’s and B’s” on her report card. But she didn’t feel as if she fit in.

    “Any time I was out sick, they said I was in New York recording. I have allergies and asthma. It’s hard to find that healthy point,” Bayje says. “Any time I wrote something good, they said it was plagiarism. But I worked hard. My mom helped me, too. It was a hard year for me.”

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