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    Try searching Snopes before you make a fool of yourself (again).

    The fact is that the state has said abortion is not immoral, but that doesn’t end the debate, nor the struggle to end abortion which, nevertheless is increasingly held as a moral outrage. The same debate once raged over slavery. In 2005, Germany legalized prostitution, and gave it full legitimacy as a source of employment such that an out of work Information Specialist who was drawing unemployment benefits while seeking a job through the state’s job bank, was threatened with termination of her unemployment benefits if she refused an interview with a brothel. After all, it’s no longer considered immoral, right? Are we so numb that we even need to ask this question? While states are supposedly trying to end human sexual trafficking (slavery), this state apparently wants to give it the stamp of legitimacy and the force of law.

    German homeschooling and Nazis figure prominently in the piece, too.

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    damaged justice
    February 28th, 2007
    at 12:55 pm

    Nice to know what small percentage of these horror stories are actually recycled Onion headlines. Of course, that still leaves the rest — some even more horrifying and unbelievable. It’s no surprise people believe these things, when there is no longer any reductio too absurd that someone, somewhere, will not happily suggest and offer to be first in line to enforce.