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    TCRecord has posted its equivalent of an Op/Ed on “The Complexities of Black Home Schooling.” It’s really, really bad. A very liberal, very white educrat first decides that we’re all a bunch of fundamentalist ultraconservative know-nothings. He then lectures black parents (he’s evidently the parent of a black child) that they should wait for the inevitable “social movement” that is going to rescue their kids.

    We should not criticize black parents who home school their children. But a more powerful response in the long term requires that we redouble our efforts to create more responsive, democratic, and critical educational institutions for those children who are all too easily seen as the “Other” in this society and its schools. There are multiple examples of such critically democratic schools whose processes of administration, curricula, teaching, and evaluation are closely connected to oppressed communities and their needs, cultures, hopes, and dreams (Apple & Beane, 2007). Can these be extended and become more widespread in the face of the reductive tendencies embodied in such policies as No Child Left Behind with its “push out” effects (Valenzuela, 2005)? This question is no easier to answer than the issues surrounding black home schooling. But we will only know the answer if we continue the struggles to do so. If we do not continue and expand our engagement in such organized and long term struggles for a system of public schooling that is worthy of its name, more and more black parents will seek alternatives, be they vouchers or home schooling. The way to demonstrate our respect for such parents is to make it more likely that they will not have to leave public schools.


    UPDATE” JJ tears him up here.

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    March 9th, 2007
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    Thanks for posting about this. I found the following quote from the article especially condescending:

    “That home schooling also requires immense financial and emotional sacrifice may also make it an unrealistic option for the majority of black parents.”