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    What sense does it make to toss a 10-carat diamond?

    I am so saddened to hear that some vindictive person has unseated a wonderful person like Red Clay’s Yvonne Johnson.

    Yvonne is one lady who is extremely dedicated, energetic, sincere and responsible as a school board member. As a leader, she has been an absolute asset to our school district. Our school community will suffer a great loss without her superior sense of direction and tireless dedication.

    This is a position without pay, and one that requires countless hours of personal time. This lady is a 10-carat diamond and because of one person’s nasty and vindictive nature, our district will suffer a great loss. Yvonne, instead of getting the thank you she deserves, is having her name defamed.

    I am infuriated as a constituent at this busybody who seems to be so interested in the letter of the law.

    Yvonne has made restitution. Leave her alone. I have and will continue to hold Yvonne Johnson in a place of high esteem and am grateful for those like herself who are willing to put all aside to serve others and their community.

    Michelle Concha, Wilmington

    Yeah– this 10-carat cubic zirconia diamond was only convicted of felony check forgery. Just the kind of person I’d want in charge of making financial decisions in the schools.

    For the record– I’m in favor of restoring felons’ voting rights once they’ve paid their debts to society.

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