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    The reigning and still undefeated heavyweight champeen– WorldNutDaily:

    In a commentary on the Constitutionally Correct site, the writers said New Jersey judges “who legislate from the bench are giving Massachusetts judges (and German jack boots) a run for their money. … The court’s opinion is a judicial temper tantrum. The judge wails that New Jersey law doesn’t fit his idea of what the law should be. Not only does New Jersey law not require government monitoring and testing of homeschoolers, the state gives public schools no legal authorization to do so…”

    Approvingly citing a blog that refers to German authorities as “jackboots”? Classic WND.

    UPDATE: I should have guessed– Constitutionally Correct is the ultra-right-wing Alliance Defense Fund’s blog.

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    March 10th, 2007
    at 3:33 pm

    “legislate from the bench” — ?

    The judge just mouthed off. He didn’t “legislate”, he didn’t change or even challenge NJ case law, he couldn’t even put into effect the plaintiff’s request to have the kids’ education supervised by anyone. All he did was carp about our liberty.

    Our legal standing has not changed.

    It’s a non-issue. Even HSLDA isn’t claiming that it’s a threat.