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    Home educators [username & password: HEOS1234] helped to table Sen. Bill 85, which would have allowed HEKs and private schoolers to participate in g-school sports and other extra-curriculars. I don’t know the history of the bill or home educators’ reasons for opposition, but I can guess:

    b) A student who is pursuing a course of home study under Code Section 20-2-690 may participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by or engaged in by the public school which the student would otherwise attend if not pursuing the home study course. Such student shall pay any participation or activity fee in an amount equal to the fee paid by public school participants; the student shall adhere to the same standards of behavior, responsibility, performance, and code of conduct as other participants of the team or activity; and the student shall adhere to the same academic standards as other participants of the team or activity which shall be confirmed by appropriate documentation provided by the student to the public school providing the activity in which the student desires to participate or is participating. No public school shall discriminate against such students in the selection of teams or in accepting such students for participation in an extracurricular activity. [emphasis added]

    That academic standards wording is a Pandora’s box. It’s so broad that the schools could basically demand that HEKs follow the state curriculum, take the state accountability tests, maintain a GPA, etc.

    Better to kill this one and start over.

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