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    Useless Airways still has 100,000 folks stranded. I called our travel agent within minutes of them canceling my original flight to re-book on the next plane out. If not for that call, I’d probably still be stuck in Philly.

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    March 19th, 2007
    at 11:10 pm

    Hooray you made it out!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if you were still stuck in DE. USAIR has been really having it’s troubles off & on since Xmas time. And not just all weather related. Unfotunately it’s one the airlines that hubby uses for work quite a bit.

    My hubby was in Parlin NJ for the day on FRI. ( He was driving.) He finally got home late SAT afternoon after just deciding to get a hotel & wait out the storm. We had 3 inches of sleet & freezing rain by the time everything was over. He said that his next job when he gets to Fayetteville is working on the fuel cell membranes. I forget what he said they call the stuff.

    PS Hubby reminded meto tell you that Downtown Market St is a Free WIFI area. No need to pay $10/night to the Hotel D for internet. In fact more than a few ballet dads & moms bring in their laptops while they wait for class to let out.
    He said he has a few other travel tips on how to avoid staying downtown and still be following the suggested travel guidelines.
    I’ll have him email you.

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    March 20th, 2007
    at 7:07 am

    The film is Nafion(R).

    I’m staying up on 202 next time. The Hotel DuPont was booked solid. Interesting news about the WiFi. When did that happen?