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    SCHOOLS VS THE 1ST AMENDMENT Slate has a nice piece on the issues surrounding schools banning clothes depicting the rebel flag. The last graf is a beaut:

    If American kids can be counted on for anything it’s this: Tell them they can’t do/wear/say something and they’ll do/wear/say it ’til their heads blow off. This is why Dixie Outfitters sold a million T-shirts last year, and why virtually every kid disciplined for wearing a Confederate flag to school shows up the day after the suspension in either the same T-shirt or one with a bigger flag. Yes, it would be a more civil world if we could all just agree once and for all that the Confederate flag is either beautiful or vile. But until that day comes, it would be a useful and educational exercise to at least hear one another out on the subject. One might think a school would be a good laboratory for such efforts. One would hope there’s no better place to try.

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