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    What color Kool-Aid goes with it?

    Bush deserves praise and support for his leadership

    Thank President Bush for the strongest economy we have ever had. The Dow is the highest it has been in history.

    Thanks for protecting us. We have not had another 9/11. Thanks for keeping nuclear bombs from terrorists. They are trying to get them and have not succeeded.

    I am not persuaded by liberal media propaganda. I am a free thinker and the facts speak for themselves. We should all sleep well knowing we have strong leadership at the helm.

    John Locklear, Middletown

    Liberal propaganda, otherwise known as “reality.”

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    April 17th, 2007
    at 8:14 am

    That’s an interesting interpretation of the term “free thinker”

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    April 17th, 2007
    at 8:26 am

    What color Kool-Aid?

    Why, grape, of course! It’s the only one dark enough to hide all the drugs they must have put in it before drinking.

    That guy needs to wake up and do some research. Liberal Media, my Aunt Fanny. Consolidation cured that starting in 1996 with the Telecommunications Act. I hope it helps him sleep at night knowing opposing viewpoints are hard to come by.

    Google is your friend, John. Use it.

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    April 17th, 2007
    at 2:59 pm

    Just heard on the radio on my way to work that unemployment in my town is only 2.8%. Liberal propoganda in hardly reality. I don’t know what flavor kool-aid you drank, but you caught a nasty case of BDS about a year ago.

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    April 17th, 2007
    at 3:36 pm

    Me and 70% of the country. BTW, he set an all time low in popularity in a poll released yesterday. Like a GOP legislator pointed out, he’s about as popular as gonorrhea.

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    Nance Confer
    April 18th, 2007
    at 10:51 am

    Just heard on the radio on my way to work that unemployment in my town is only 2.8%.
    Yep. Some folks even have two or three jobs! Even more to be thankful for!