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    Life in Fayette-nam:

    Allow courageous men to form militias

    The current chaotic situation in Iraq cannot be solved by conventional military or political means. Iranian-backed militia members are present in the Iraqi parliament, army and police; therefore, enemy forces are alerted to the timing of our patrols, urban searches and planned checkpoints. The mission of our military is then compromised and ineffective.

    The solution involves forming our own militia forces of former Special Forces, Delta Force, Navy Seals, CIA and Marine Recon masked as civilian contractors. These militia members will receive intelligence from current military units and carry out missions designed to destroy the presence of Iranian influence in Iraq.

    The task of these men can be carried out without impunity simply because they are not officially sanctioned by our government and not bound by the Geneva Convention or political and religious sensitivities. The independence of America from British rule was gained by courageous men in the form of militias; therefore, the example set by these men can be carried on.

    It is apparent that without a drastic change in tactics our soldiers who are courageous heroes will continue to be easy prey, bound by outdated engagement policy inconsistent with present conditions on the ground.

    Rodney Dezarn

    If Dezarn goes on a shooting spree, I would hope it would be “without impunity.” Moron!

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