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    Blogging makes the cut.

    Download contents of your mind, even when there aren’t any.

    $$: Relatively small, but prospects for high-paying bullshit job in the future are virtually assured.

    The upside: This is one of the bullshit jobs you can do immediately, with no training and no prior experience. You can also become very famous, since the established media, increasingly devoid of excitement and ideas of its own, has taken to siphoning off daily blogging activity as a much better and more interesting alternative to actual news.

    The downside: You need a full, daily dose of imagination, guile, bile, and people pouring nonsense into your head that you can repeat.

    The dark side: Your skin glows an ethereal white, your eyes become rheumy and bloodshot. Hair erupts in horrendous places. You don’t care. You are now nothing but a conduit through which pass all the rare gases of the universe. You are, in short, a blog.

    And what to make of us folks who do this gig for free.

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