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    Life in Fayetteville, where we don’t hide our racists and lunatics. We put them in the paper:

    Report the demographics on foreclosure rates

    The recent articles on foreclosures were interesting reads, but a bit redundant. The articles all focused on the negative — 20 percent foreclosure rates, versus 80 percent successful home ownership.

    I haven’t experienced anything like the people in these articles, but maybe it’s because I have a history of paying my bills. I had a large down payment and I waited until rates were where I wanted them (5 percent or 15 years).

    The articles made it seem as though lenders who charge higher rates were the bad guys. This is a free-market economy. If those home buyers could have done better, wouldn’t they?

    The articles barely touched on several key areas. First, we live in an area where the military can get a home for little or no money down. They are often shipped out and houses are left to be sold in absentia or abandoned. Second, there were no demographics as to who was being foreclosed on, white, black or Indian?

    As an investor in rental homes, I have seen countless foreclosures. These houses are more often than not trashed by the former owners. You can’t blame predatory lenders or real estate agents for that kind of behavior. People who get foreclosed on are likely to do so no matter the interest rate.

    Tim Smith

    Right to own firearms affirmed by founders

    I noted with dismay Raymond E. Wright’s contention that only homeowners should be allowed to own firearms (“Allow gun purchases for home protection only,” May 5).

    Should he know anything of the history of our Constitution, he would know that this God-given right was affirmed by the Founding Fathers for the specific purpose of allowing the citizenry to terminate evil politicians with extreme prejudice. That many politicians would wish to deny the citizens this right says something about those politicians. What it says is not good.

    Every right that we have under the U.S. Constitution rests on the Second Amendment.

    Frank Novotny

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    God wrote your constitution?!?!